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Sasha's Stage Acting, Film & TV News is on this page. See more News in Presenting, Musicals & Panto and Children's Ents. Please contact Sasha for further information or to check availability.

Acting & Film

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South East London, UK



Sasha as Office Manager,

The Windsors Channel 4 TV

Sasha plays an Actress in Film Interval! (Still)
Film Interval, Sasha(left)

Actor Stage & Screen

Sasha enjoys Acting & Presenting to a live audience or Film and TV. Sasha is delighted to undertake Acting, Presenting and Musical Theatre roles. As an Actor Sasha has appeared in Musicals, Comedy, Period and Contemporary dramas, TV Sitcom and Corporate performances.


Dangerous liaisons: (from left) Oliver King as Henry Tilney and Sasha Jacques as Emily in Northanger Abbey.
 Sasha as Emily in

Dangerous liaisons,
Northanger Abbey:

Finale with Sasha Jacques as Alice (3rd from right) in Northanger Abbey
Sasha(3rd right) Northanger Abbey

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TV 'The Windsors' 2016

Assistant Office Manager Channel 4

Sasha filming as an Actor (Featured) Assistant Office Manager for TV Sitcom The Windsors Episode 4. 

In The Windsors, our much-loved Royal Family is re-imagined through the lens of a soap opera, and although the stories are completely fictional, they are inspired by real events.

Date/Location: 4th Mar 2016 LondonDate/Location: 20th - 21st Mar 2016, 11th Mar Costume fitting London

Sasha is Actor TV/Film Mar 2016

Sasha filming as an Actor Airforce Personnel for Hollywood Film. 


2019/20 Production Lead Singer World Grand Voyage Tour

Sept 2019 - Mar 2020

Production Vocalist/ Lead Singer/ Dancer/ Actor in Showteam Productions, Cabarets and Mini Shows Worldwide. Mirage Shows & Productions for Fred Olsen. Company Director: Wendy Callister. Musical Director: Martyn Cooper. Choreography: Jen Cassidy/Keating, Jennifer Baker, Amber Laura May.

2019/20 Boudicca Show Company: 4 Lead Singers - Sasha Jacques F1, F2, M1, M2, 4 Dancers (Sept 15th - June 20th 2020)

Show Dates and Location: Sept 16th 2019 - June 19th 2019 

Sasha Queen Neptune (left), 
Equator Crossing Ceremony 2019

Sasha performs as Solo & Lead Singer/Dancer, Europe & Worldwide

2019/20 Europe & World Grand Voyage
2019/20 Sweden, Holland Netherlands, Belgium & Grand Voyage World Spain, Portugal, Madeira, Canaries, Cape Verde, St Helena, Namibia, South Africa, Mayotte, Madagascar, Seychelles, Maldives, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Bali, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, Crete, Malta, Kent England, Germany, Norway, Menorca, Italy
Sasha Queen Neptune (left), 
Equator Crossing Ceremony 2019


2013 PhotoShoot Mallorca, Spain

Oct 10th 2013

Photoshoot, Lee Mason Photography

See Photo Gallery

Sasha's Photoshoot in Mallorca, Oct 2013



Film 'Home Sweet Home' 2013

Mary Defy Films Sinnita Monero

20th & 23rd Feb

Sasha is acting as girlfriend in another film called 'Home Sweet Home'. Defy Films. Director: Sinitta Monero

Filming: 20th & 23rd Dec 2012.

Location: Bermondsey, London

Sasha appears in Domestic Violence Charity Video Feb 2013 release.

Home Sweet Home Video

From the link Home Sweet Home:


Film 'Home Sweet Home' 2012

Sarah Soundsteps Romain Richard

7th & 9th Dec, Film for release Feb 2012 UK

Domestic Violence Public Awareness Charity Video 'Home Sweet Home'

Sasha is acting as Sarah in Domestic Violence Awareness Video. Soundsteps Director: Romain Richard

Film Release Date: 25th Feb 2013.

Filming: 7th - 9th Dec 2012.

Trailer Release Date: 28th Jan 2013.

Location: Bermondsey, London


We hope that we can raise much needed funds for Refuge through the sale of our song 'Home Sweet Home' due for release Feb 13. Please support us by sharing and to raise awareness.

1 in 4 women in the UK, will suffer domestic violence at some point in their life, and up to 2 women a week are killed by partners or former partners.

Single available for purchase to support Domestic Violence Charity Refuge on itunes.

itunes home-sweet-home-single

Domestic Violence Video 'Home Sweet Home'



TV Advertisement 2012

Cabaret singer Kanika


Film 'Bad Dream'

Cabaret singer Blue Mar-Ten Michael Tognarelli

Bad Dream Extracts


Film Bad Dream


Film 'Special Delivery'

Hannah (Lead) East 15 Emma Hu

 Film Special Delivery


Film Interval! (feature)

Period Actress Trademark media Tom McNie

Sasha plays an Actress in Film Interval! (Still)Sasha plays an Actress in Film Interval! (Still)

Film Interval!


Sasha plays an Actress in Film Interval! (Still)


Film 'Untitled'

Girl Richmond Film School Taylor Riley

Film Untitled


Film 'Girl Alone'

Girl (Lead) Bennett House Films Max Bennett

Girl Alone Extracts


TV Documentary with Ferne Cotton

Interviewee ITV Producer Lisa Doyle


Film 'Dusk' Hannah (Lead)

Dead Fox Productions Scott Reeve


Film Promotions Video

Interviewee CSSD Paul Barker


Film 'Memories'

Granddaughter Exeter




2016 Time Run

Oct 2016 New Timerun Celestial Chain live interactive game announced, opens Nov 24th 2016.

Sep 2016 Sasha acts/models for promos for new Timerun Celestial Chain. London. Time RunMar-July, Sep- Dec 2016 Host/Assistant for Timerun immersive adventure games. Time Run

Time Run The Game

The Hyper Real Adventure Game

Time Run is a set of immersive adventure games for teams of 3-6 players: Time Travel through a series of hyper-real worlds, solving a series of puzzles and challenges to complete your mission and save the world. Taking the global phenomenon of 'escape the room games' to the next level, Time Runners enjoy jaw dropping games that integrate technology, cinematic style sets and a whole cast of memorable characters. Do you have what it takes to be a Time Runner?

Time Run Games:

The Celestial Chain

The Lance of Longinus

Time Run

Sasha acts/models for Time Run Celestial Chain opening 24th Nov 2016

Video Celestial Chain promo

Sasha (centre) Time Run Celestial Chain

Sasha (centre), Time Run Celestial Chain
Timeout London Nov 2017

Blog Celestial Chain

Immersive theatre, games and escape rooms: the shows you control Adam Lannon interview

Time Run



2012 Model for Xhilarate Website

Feb 2012

Sasha modelled as a Commercial model for Xhilarate for Promotional material including there website. Xhilerate Office Massage


Sasha models for Xhilarate Website


Xhilarate Office Massage




2011 Northanger Abbey UK

19th April-14th May

Sasha acts as Mary Andrews/Alice and Emily (Mysteries of Udolpho), in Jane Austin's Northanger Abbey, adapted by John Cooper and directed by Harry Meacher, Design & Costume Bryan Hands

Cast: Sasha Jacques Mary Andrews/Alice/Emily, Henry Tilney, James Moreland, Mrs Allen, Catherine Morland, Isabella Thorpe, General Tilney, John Thorpe, Captain Tilney and Eleanor Tilney

Location:   Upstairs at the Gatehouse Theatre

Street:      Hampstead Lane, Highgate Village, N6 4BD

Phone: 0208340 3488

Transport: Tube: Highgate, Tube / Bus: 143, 210, 214, 271

Times: From Apr 19, Tue-Sat 7.45pm, Sun 4pm (press night Apr 21), ends May 14

Northanger Abbey Flyer
Northanger Abbey Flyer

Upstairs at the Gatehouse
Highgate North London

Traffic of The Stage

Sasha is Actress in Northanger Abbey in 2011

News On Stage Northanger Abbey Review

'... the sub-plot is frighteningly well-played by Tom Reah and Sasha Jacques especially.'

Dangerous liaisons: (from left) Oliver King as Henry Tilney and Sasha Jacques as Emily in Northanger Abbey.
 Dangerous liaisons, Northanger Abbey:
Sasha as Emily, Oliver as Henry Tilney

Finale with Sasha Jacques as Alice (3rd from right) in Northanger Abbey
Sasha as Alice (3rd right) Northanger Abbey Finale


2009/2010 Dr. Faustus UK & Belgium Tour

Sept 2009 - Feb 2010

Sasha and cast in Dr Faustus performances. Sasha plays Mephistopheles. Brecht, Artaud, Berkoff, , Stanislavski  Workshops. Scene Productions

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and unlimited power, Dr Faustus makes a pact with the devil and in turn relinquishes his soul.

Scene Productions takes this classic story of damnation and presents it as a deliciously dark and terrifically twisted fairytale. Using stunning puppetry, live illusion and trickery; avenging angels and dastardly demons are brought to life as three performers conjure a fantastical world of magic, mischief and the macabre. We all want what we can't have.

What would YOU sell your soul for? A cautionary tale suitable for ages 6 to 666 !

Performance dates & Locations:

Various dates between 16th Sept 2009 - Feb 2010, UK & Belgium.

Scene Productions


Dr Faustus
Christopher Marlowe


'It exceeded my expectations as the performances were of a very high quality, clear, succinct and concise. I was amazed at how many teaching points you made in one hour...' Heathfield Community College

'All performers were excellent, showing the extremes of the three styles that students need to take on board. It was a really good idea to begin with the extremes of Artaud...' Yarm School

'The whole experience was excellent for our students. The Faustus performance/workshop inspired A2 students who were employing ideas straightaway into their devised pieces. It made Artaud really clear for me, like an inset. Scarborough Sixth Form College

  'It was an excellent and unique experience that the students will certainly not forget.'  Gateacre Community College

'I thought the Total Theatre experience of the Artaud section taught them more about his style of theatre in 10 minutes than you can convey in several lessons. As ever, a thoroughly professional, engaging and useful approach.' King Edward VI School

'This was an excellent learning experience that challenged the pupils and moved their work forward. It is very hard to get pupils to grasp how differently a text can be interpreted. They now fully understand this and refer to the performance and workshop in their work.' Kennet School


2009 Model in Rehearsal 5: Remake Photoshoot


Model in Rehearsal 5: Remake Martin Bardell Photography 2009

Photoshoot: 2009

Location: London UK

Sasha in Model Photoshoot 2009

Sasha in Model in Rehearsal 5: Remake

Model in Rehearsal 5: Remake Martin Bardell Photography 2009


2007 Fashionable Immigration, A Comedia

Nov 2007

Sasha Actor performs as Isabelle (Comedia del'Arte). Director: Jason Price

Performance dates & Locations:

Nov 2007, Exeter Guildhall Centre and various locations in Exeter.

A play about immigration issues, Fashionable Immigration: a Commedia consists of seven scenes and takes place in three locations: a street, Magnifico's office, and a pub.

Sasha, Isabelle in Fashionable Immigration, A Comedia
Sasha, Isabelle (left) in
Fashionable Immigration, A Comedia

Sasha performs as Isabelle in Fashionable Immigration, A Musical March 2007

Sasha, Isabelle in Fashionable Immigration, A Comedia
Sasha, Isabelle (right), Fashionable Immigration, A Comedia

Sasha, Isabelle in Fashionable Immigration, A Comedia
Sasha (2nd right), Fashionable Immigration, A Comedia


2007 Princess Bride South West Tour

August 2007

Sasha performs in Princess Bride. Theatre Alchemists Director: Sam Morris

Sasha performs in The Princess Bride, August 2007



2007 Diplomacy in Ironland

June 2007

Sasha Actor performs as Rose. Director: Jason Price

Performance dates & Locations:

16th, 17th June, 3 performances in Exeter.

The overall message of Diplomacy in Ironland is this: the conflict in the Middle East was bred by previous generations, never resolved and history is now repeating itself; there is a danger of allowing this to become a constant cycle of conflict/non-resolution.

In addition, it also questions what makes the collective 'us' such passive viewers; as Rose states in scene vi, "People spend more time in front of the TV or on the computer than they do with other people. Being so isolated, I don't find it surprising that no one seems to care about stuff. And, watching TV almost makes them not real. People are dying, but they are dying in a box in the corner of the front room."

Sasha, Rose (right),
Diplomacy of Ironland


Sasha performs as Rose in Diplomacy in Ironland, June 2007

Sasha, Rose (2nd right), Diplomacy of Ironland

Sasha, Rose (left),
Diplomacy of Ironland


2006 A Midsummers Night's Dream

June 2006

Sasha performs as Peasbottom in Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Nights Dream. Harbinger, Director: Lukas Weichert

Performance Location: Exeter.

Sasha performs as Peasbottum in A Midsummers Nights Dream, June 2006

Sasha (left), Peasblossum, Oberon, Puck
A Midsummer's Nights Dream

Female Actor . Presenter . Singer . Model
Theatre . Film. TV. Cabaret . Wedding . Corporate . Events . Restaurant . Pub . Club . Bar . Hotel . Cruise . London . Kent . UK . Europe . Worldwide

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